Hard-To-Find Medication

Carrie - pharmacist

Sometimes the best item for you or a family member is a hard-to-find medication. That doesn’t mean you should have to delay getting the right prescription or settle for an alternative. Because we have taken the time to build an extensive network of suppliers at Medicine Mart, we can fill most special orders within 24 hours.


Whether it’s a complicated medication or a hard-to-find medication, knowing you can count on the Medicine Mart family makes it a little less stressful. When someone in your family needs a difficult prescription filled quickly you can count on us. That’s one benefit to having a knowledgeable pharmacist who knows your medication history and cares about your overall wellness.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need medicine that is difficult to find or if you have questions. The dedicated staff at Medicine Mart Pharmacy of Lexington South Carolina will use all of their resources to find the medicine you need. Allowing you or your family member to start feeling better as soon as possible.