Custom Medication Packaging

Carrie - pharmacist

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all your medications. Whether you have a variety of pills that you take on a regular basis or you simply need a better way to keep track, Medicine Mart’s custom medication packaging is our way of helping make it easy. Additionally, it allows you to keep up with your doctor’s orders.


Custom medication packaging takes the guessing out of medication. Our team pre-sorts your medication and packages it by dose and time of day. This allows you to know exactly when you need to take each item. This allows you to see at a glance which doses you have taken and how many are left. This easy to follow system prevents you from forgetting if you have taken your medication so you don’t double dose. Your medicine will be stored in custom packs, which makes it easy to grab and go!


  • Preventing over or under-dosing: When reaching into a bottle, it can be easy to miscount the number of pills you need to take. With packaged medication, you can easily see how many pills you have already taken and only take the exact amount you need.
  • Taking too many or too little pills can be a dangerous mistake!
  • Manage multiple medications: When you have several different kinds of medications, it’s nice to be able to separate them by package.
  • Convenient for travel: When you have your medicine in custom packs, it takes up less space, makes less noise, and is more portable.

Taking your medication shouldn’t be stressful. Let our team at Medicine Mart Lexington make it easy to take multiple medications at the right time and dose. Call us today to find out more about custom medication packaging and the many other services we provide.